Friday, June 3, 2011

Confidence is Beautiful

Lately I've been a little down on myself, comparing myself to others and generally feeling like I am not enough. And unfortunately all for reasons I really can't explain.

But something in me snapped this week. On Monday, I took one final look at myself in the mirror and I knew it was NOW or NEVER: 

Now or never to get the body I want
Now or never to build my confidence
Now or never to gain the education I want 
Now or never to build my strength and courage
Now or never to trust. Period!
Now or never to shine and let BEAUTY take over!!!

I happened to see this and thought it was the perfect inspiration.
You know why???
Because it is so true!!!

There is nothing more beautiful than a girl or woman who is ...
Confident - in her ability to make the world a better place
Happy -  quick to smile and laugh
Anxiously engaged - brings positive energy everywhere she goes
Empowered - takes action every day to make a difference in the lives of others
These are my goals and it is my hope that you all will also strive to be confident, happy, engaged, and empowered in your daily life because if you don't feel that you are then it is time for change because it is NOW or NEVER!!
There is no more time for us to allow those around us to take away from our general self-esteem. Or to foster a habit of comparing ourselves to others in order to define and quantify our beauty.
Beauty is not perfect.
Beauty is knowledge.
Beauty is funny faces.
Beauty is the innocent face of a newborn child.
Beauty is tiny hands and feet.
Beauty is, wrinkles and silver hair.
Beauty is the love of parents.
Beauty is family gatherings and family laughs.
Beauty is the sunshine.
Beauty is the air and the wind.
Beauty is freedom and love.
Beauty is flowers blooming.
Beauty is the sand between your toes.
Beauty is loving and helping others.
Beauty is, loving you for you.
Beauty is, being comfortable with who you are.
Beauty is unique in everyone.
Beauty is in everything and everyone. its all around us.