{Create} Therapy

This weekend I finally finished my Aunt's baby shower gift. I had bought these letters from Hobby Lobby a couple weeks ago and wasn't sure what I should do with them
but then
I saw this
And I knew right then I'd make it easy and instead of painting them I decided to glue cute scrapbook pages to the letters and embellish until my little heart desired.
And so I did just that.

Look how cute they are!
Can you see the little monkeys?

I hope Amy loves them as much as I do!
And they will look great in his room too!
Baby Grayson Michael we are ready for you, well after this weekend anyway.


What do you do when you refuse to pay a ton of money for a canvas photo
You make one!!

I wasn't sure if it was going to work or not. All I did was print out a black and white copy of the photo I wanted use. And then I "modged podged" it on to the canvas.
Simple asthat!

Then I made a cute little painting to go beside it as well.
Also simple and sweet

I hope my Valentine likes it 

Something I've been working on
"The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to Hear"

This was my very first sewing project
and  you better believe I had anxiety like no other

How I made them:

I found this pattern online for Free HERE
Then I went to Hobby Lobby and had the lady help me find all the stuff I needed.
Did you know there are a billion different types of sewing supplies???
I am not the one to really follow directions so I just kinda did my own thing, which maybe why they are not
"perfect" but I think it adds character


Why does you head look like that?
(sorry I coudn't get picture to turn for some reason)
Now Santa can visit us in KOREA!

For the book worm in your life

Fun Colorful Bookmarks!

How to make them:

Paint Chips (I got mine at the local Walmart)
A Cute Stamp (I found mine in my craft supplies)
A hole punch
Pretty Ribbon
Hair Spray-dont laugh
Little Gems (optional)

I first cut the paint chips to the size I wanted, punched a hole in the top and stamped until my heart was content.
I then Sprayed hair spray on them because the ink from the stamp smudged otherwise.
Once dry I added the ribbon.

Easy as that!


For that Pretty Princess in You

This little GEM Headband!

How I made it:

Streatchy Headband you can find them anywhere
Hot Glue

I used the glue to attach the "gem" to the headband and simply secured the back of it with a piece of felt.
It took me all of 5 minutes.