Love Story


9.25.2010: They Met

9.26.2010: They kissed, in a parking lot


She waits a month to talk to him!!

10.21.2010:  They meet up to get to know each other

10.29.2010: They celebrate Halloween and spend time together

12.27.2010: They became Exclusive

*FBO somewhere between these dates* ;)

7.?.2011: Their {HEARTS} Fall in LOVE!

9.?.2011: First vacation together. Destination:  Hawaii

9.18.2011: He leaves for a Year to Korea

12.16.2011: She VISITS HIM in the Korea

7.12.2012: They meet in Maryland for a friends wedding

7.24.2012: He asked her to MARRY him!!! OMGEEEEEE! {Best.Moment.Ever}

9.?.2012: She VISITS HIM in Alaska while he is there during red flag

10.22.2012: She moves to Korea to live with him for 3months

3.8.2013: Their wedding day

3.18.2013: They move to Utah together

3.23.2012: They adopt a {Chloe}