Sunday, February 27, 2011


My pilot is so AMAZING and I can't imagine my life without him!

Today is our official 2 month anniversary (HAHAHAHA it's a BIG one, I know) I have known him since the end of September 2010, but I honestly feel as if I have known him forever. He's become my best friend and I am so lucky to have him in my life.

Funny story about when we met.....

YEAH...I wanted nothing to do with him! Can you believe that?? And you wanna know why? Because he was a pilot in the Air Force!! HAHAHAH and all my friends who have been or are in the AF always warned me about these egotistical men....well, they had one thing right, they sure are egotistical and their erroneous behaviour is beyond anything I can describe to you. But these men and their wives have become like family and I wouldn't change them for anything. And I especially wouldn't change My Pilot and the person he is. I can't believe I almost missed my chance with him. People I seriously ignored his every text and avoided hanging out with him at all costs. And I can't really blame it all on the fact that he was a pilot, it was also because I was single and living the dream and doing me. And let me just tell you the day that we met, I was supposed to be flying to NC, but had decided against it do to a few things that had come up at the time. Crazyness!!! So, when the end of October 2010 came I finally gave into his piloty ways and happened to hang out with him and we have honestly been inseparable ever since. It took quite a bit of convincing for him to catch me, but he will tell you there is no way I could resist his awesomeness for much longer. Oh brother, right?!

Well, these crazy men had quite the party on Friday and let me just tell you I have never seen anyone as drunk and wasted as all of them were. They had what they call a naming party where they are all given some ridiculous call sign that they use when flying. The names and stories behind them are all quite entertaining too! Shaynold's call sign is, are you ready for it.............."Valdez" like the worst Exxon Valdez oil spill back in 1989, yeah, we are not exactly sure why this name was given to him, but the names that he was almost given are by far the best.

1. Le Douche-which I will call him always hahahaha
And the one he hated the most
2. Miata-yeah just like that car!! LOVE IT!!

Us girls had a great night out too while the debauchery commenced and I am so happy to have met some awesome chicks!!

At the end of the month we will know their next assignment and base they will be stationed at. It's a nerve racking time for us all, but in the end it will all work out and hopefully everyone will be happy.

Shayne really wants to go to Korea which is a smart career choice, so I hope that for his sake that dream comes true for him.
As for the two of us and our relationship we have talked about things and are going to enjoy every minute of each other and see what September brings us. We still have some time so I will follow my heart with the risk of heart brake, but it is so worth it and as Martina McBride sings in her song,

" You can love someone with all your heart, for all the right reasons and in a moment they can choose to walk away....LOVE THEM ANYWAY!!"

I will do just that and I know that Heavenly Father will be watching over us as we venture down this path together. I pray that in the next months we can only grow closer and understand more about each other. New relationships are always fun and exciting and I just know that this is the relationship that is worth taking every risk for and I am ready for it and don't want to do anything to jeopardize everything we have together.


Tara Ashley

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