Wednesday, March 2, 2011


"When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story." -Barney Stinson

 I am not sure if any of you watch the television comedy, 'How I Met Your Mother' or not but if you don't, you should because it is beyond hilarious. I don't believe they are making any more seasons, but I do know that you can watch ALL the the reruns on CBS, Channel 5 in the evenings and it's the perfect show to watch when you get home from work and wanna put your footsies up. It's funny, I promise!


This silly show has this "awesomeness" poster that hangs in one of the characters offices

.... See Below....

Yeah..this one! Shaynold and I always joke about his "awesomeness" and it's so appropriate since the poster has a jet on it, RIGHT???

So a little while ago I made him some of his very own motivational posters that are full of their very own awesomeness.

I definitely had a lot of fun making them and I'm excited to get back into creating fun artsy things like painting and whatever else I can get my little hands on, because I'm just a nerd like that. Shayne makes fun of me for it, but it's okay because it makes me happy and secretly he likes my nerdiness, I know it.

It's the simple pleasures such as this that make me remember who I am and why we should not ever forget the things we enjoy doing or that which make us full of happiness.

So with that being said......

What do you enjoy doing? What are your hobbies? And I'm not going to except, "I don't have any" because deep down there is something, simple as that. hahahaha

My <3 is full when I:
  • Read
  • Blog & Journal
  • Create fun crafty projects
  • Paint
  • Decorate aka "Nesting"
  • Chat with Friends near and far
  • Hang out with Shaynold
  • Spend time with my AWESOME family
  • Bake
It's that snazzy?!! Yep, I'm REPRESSSEENTIN' ME, YO!

Happy HUMP Day...woohoo!!


Tara Ashley

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