Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's OK Thursday!

HEY Y'ALL!! So this is my first link up with Amber 
at "A complete waste of Makeup"

I am excited to share my silly "OK's" with you today!


That I want a Fairy Princess Birthday Party
with wings and everything!!

That I have a list of baby names in my "notes app" even though I'm years from having any babies.

That I could care less about work and men's testosterone levels

That I dream about my someday wedding
(& no I haven't been dreaming about it since I was 5 like most girls)
& no I don't have a ring.

That I just wanna sit on the couch and eat fudge while watching Christmas movies

That I still don't know what I wanna be when I grow up
Its a toss up between Nurse and Dental Hygenist
(This always happens when I think I've finally made up my mind)

What is it that's "ok" in your world today?


Tara Ashley


Julia Miller said...

I had a list on my notes to... it was girl names and I had a boy. I hope to one day use a day of my list. Thanks for sharing. ;)

Tammy said...

It's OK....

That I love singing Christmas songs when I'm in the car alone (as loud as I want too!)

That I buy myself stuff around Christmas time when I should really be spending the money on others!

And I'm sure I could come up with so many other...It's OKs!!!

Love you and can't wait to see you!

Love, Momma