Thursday, March 1, 2012

Journey Forward {3}

Hello All!
It's time for another challenge in our Journey forward series with Chelsea at life is a sunset.

The challenge this week was to write a letter to yourself one year ago.

Dear Tara,

This will be the year you find true love, real I can't go a day without you love. It will happen unexpectedly but you will finally learn what it means to love someone unconditionally and put all that you learned from your past into action. You both will grow close to one another as the year progresses becoming each others best friend and lover. There will be worry and heartache on your part at times that may keep you awake at night, just know that not everything needs to be analyzed and by asking "what does it mean" isn't going to get you anywhere. Enjoy the time you have together because soon you both will have to make a difficult decision and commitment to one another when it comes to his job and living the life of a fighter pilot.

You'll learn that you can't always trust everyone you meet and although you love your job and have learned a great deal from it there will be some unfair faults placed on your shoulders bringing you to make a rash decision and lead to unemployment. This will bring you to some rough times financially, but not to worry you will have loved ones around who will help you through the struggle and support you no matter what.  

You will also meet some awesome new friends and family both in the Air Force and civilian world that will become near and dear to your heart. 

Most importantly, despite all life brings your way you will find what it means to live a life full of {happiness} and love. Remember those little moments, cherish them and tuck them away so that you will always have them especially when the hard times roll in and it comes time to say "I'll be seeing you" to the man who has become your whole world. You will be in search of a great deal of strength and if you remember that Heavenly Father is with you always, in every situation, you will already be ahead of the game.

With all my love,
Future you


Kate said...

This is an amazing letter. I picture you "tucking away" your moments almost like precious Christmas ornaments - wrapped in soft paper and nestled in for safekeeping. Thank you for this.

Emily Hope said...

I like how you reminded yourself to remember and cherish the little moments. This is so important. Great letter.