Monday, June 25, 2012

My Child

Confession: When my mom sent this to me this morning, I, I a baby.
Sensitive much?!?! I couldn't believe I was just sitting there crying my eyes out from just a few words. But I realized after I read it again....and again that it was exactly what I needed to hear (or read, rather).

How is it that My Heavenly Father sent me here to be with such an amazing mom?! How'd I get that lucky?
Both him and her always know exactly what I need and for that I am so thankful.

I think this quote really hits home...probably for a lot of us.

Why do we worry so much?
Because we fear failure? Because we don't want to disappoint our loved ones? Because we want things to go a certain way?

Whatever the reason, it's always going to be ok!!!

If we don't fail, we don't grow or learn. If the person or people whom we wish to not disappoint can become so mad or hurt by a situation or event and not find forgiveness then perhaps those people shouldn't be in our you agree? And when it comes to "things" going a certain way...we have to remember that free agency is a blessing, whether we always chose to believe that or not.

So, at the end of the day when all things are said and done, we have to remember that this world is craaaazzyyyy and sometimes it can effect us in ways we don't like, so that's when we have to remember God is there and he knows EVERYTHING, he is with us always and loves us regardless of our mistakes or choices that may not always seem wise. I know that he has the most beautiful plan for each of us and while it may not always be what we or others may want, it is going to be what's best for you!!!

Do not ever forget that!!

And remember, "he's got this"

So let him hear it!! And let him WORRY about it!


Tara Ashley

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