Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Welcome Back to Korea!

Korea and I meet again
"Annyong haseyo"
It's been almost a year since I was here before.
Let me say that again...It's been almost a YEAR since I was here before.
Can you believe that?!?
 And what a year it has been. I survived...WE survived and I am so proud of US!
Long Distance is:
a time to grow
spending time with friends & family
missing them
Which ever adjective you choose to use
I didn't think I'd actually ever say that, but it's true.
Shayne and I have gone through a lot this year, but I honestly couldn't be more thankful for the lessons I've learned along the way.
I have him to thank really
He was always so patient with me and loved me even on the days I didn't deserve it.
I wish I could say I was a perfect girlfriend/finace that never got upset or mad at him, but HELLO this is not a perfect world and you better believe there were days when I was a monster.
And you know what I realized during those days?
Was how much we have grown together and truely love one another.
Crazy huh?!
So many AWESOME things have happened in the last 13 months too!
Many blog posts to come? I think YES!
In the mean time
Meet The Green Jap
Yep, that's right...it's a right drive vehicle...in Korea, Craz balls.
Meet my old school DAK phone
{I wish I could tell you what that means, but if any Koreans just happen to read this they might hunt me down}
It totally doesn't even have T-9 texting. I have to type out each letter!!!
Blasphemy, I tell you.
But at least I don't have auto correct fail, like I do with my iPhone.
Let's talk soon
Tara Ashley

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