Wednesday, October 31, 2012


So it's that time of year again when I can make PUMPKIN cookies anytime I want
Well, not that one couldn't make them any other time, I'm just saying now is the acceptable time to have said pumpkin cookies or anything pumpkin for that matter
What better time to make them than on HALLOWEEN!
Such a fun time of year when all the holiday festivities begin and the creativeness in me gets to craft all the fun stuff I have saved on Pinterest. 
The cookies are yummo
...only bad thing is...
I've already eaten
 {I can feel a stomach ache coming on already}
Good thing there is a gym 3.5 minutes away by foot
I'll be needing it
Look at all the candy too
I'm in trouble  

 Shaynold and I even got to put together this fun puzzle the other day
I put in the very last piece....of course, because I rock
or maybe he LET me put it in, oh well.
Either way it was fun to find all the pieces TOGETHER
when he wasn't being a puzzle hog that is
I love that word: together
I'm so happy and lucky to have the chance to be here with him everyday
He seriously has the coolest job!
I seriously have the coolest man
I mean not everyone gets to fly jets everyday
not everyone gets to see and hear jets take off a dozen times a day
This is my home
He is my home
Tara Ashley

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Tammy said...

Happy Halloweeeen my sweet girl! I hope you and Shayne had a GREAT Halloween night and you got lots of tricker treaters (haha are those words?)Love you, momma