Thursday, September 29, 2011

DaYs & GoAlS!

Did you know that it takes only 21 days to make something a habit?!

I need to keep that in mind this month while i'm blogging. Doing this somehow makes me feel accountable for things i'm doing on the daily. So if sending silly blog posts into the crazy world that is the internet then so be it. BRING IT ON DAY 2!

I rejoined the gym the other night...another great habit to pick up. Again I have to just remember
21 DAYS! LA Fitness we are going to be GR8 friends.

And speaking of days, only 78 days until I am leaving on a jet plane to KOREA
11 days since Shaynold left...WOW....I can't say it like that because it already seems like it has been months. But if I look at the positive I at least only have 10 more days until its a habit for me to be used to him being gone. Not that it helps the fact that he is in fact away, but it helps :)

Only 1 day until the weekend!!! Now that is something to celebrate.


HELLO.....Health Habit Goals:
  • Blog everyday for a month
  • Go to the gym at least 3 x a week maybe 4
  • Read for book club :)
  • Talk to Shayne on Skype everyday *crosses fingers*
  • Hang out with friends/roomies & family
  •  Go to work! (Duh)
  • Go to events/outtings with friends when asked
  • Think of fun things to do alone or with friends

What are some of your health habits you want to start? or already do?

Isn't that so true?!

Have a great Thursday everyone!!!

Tara Ashley

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