Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fighter Pilots

The Air Force life is very different then any other, well I guess you could say that about military life in general, really.
There is always somewhere to be, someones BS to deal with, and let's not forget the work load and hours put in daily.
(These men and woman really are awesome!)
Now I'm definitely not in the Air Force or any military branch, but being a girlfriend of someone who is, I have been around it for a few years. I've seen and witnessed for myself the lives of the enlisted maintenance men and women and then of course the officer's too.

I've lived with a fighter pilot..."My Pilot" as I refer to him.
Can I just take a moment to tell you, these boys may work hard, but they play even harder (sts)
Bottom line: these pilots are CRAAAAZZZY!!
Yep, I said it.
They have so many inside jokes, rules and traditions that I don't think anyone in the civilian world could even comprehend. 
With THE PILOT being away and us living this long distance relationship day in and day out I have noticed myself saying or doing certain things that I normally would never give a second thought to before dating him.
And to that he would say..."trainable"...which with I'd respond, "ya ya ya babe." 

So to give you all a little sneak peek into the lives of an Air Force Fighter Pilot and of course for a good laugh as well, today is all about
You know you're dating a fighter pilot when
You set the air controls in your car to 69...always
You don't say the word BOX or HEAD and instead you refer to them as container, nugget, cranium, skull, etc
You catch yourself singing Sammy Small, The Hound War Song, I'm a Pilot...the list goes on and on really
caution these song are crude

Then you notice yourself wearing current squadron colors, a lot
If you're brave enough you might even be convinced to take a shot of Jeremiah Weed
(the worst alcohol around)
You like your popcorn with a little jalapeno spice in it
You forget everyone's REAL name because you refer to them as their call sign ALL.THE.TIME
You start making call signs for your roommates who clearly don't understand what you're talking about
You say so to speak after any comment that could be taken sexually to cover your butt from embarrassment
and again your roommates still don't understand
You find yourself actually cheering at CRUD games and tournaments. 
(If you don't know what that is and I don't expect you too, I'm sure Google will tell you all you need to know)
You actually support Mustache March & No Hair November
(even though you really, really hate it)
You want to yell out DEAD BUG every chance you get
The phrases FOG, CAS, BFM, etc, etc, etc actually make sense to you
and above all
You begin to except their AWESOMENSS

Even though it may all sound nuts to you or you may think I'm crazy because I'm in a long distance relationship, it's life to me and I love it.
I wouldn't give this life up for a second.

I love him...that's why I do it.
That's why we make the sacrifice because I know he feels the same
That's why I support him if he wants to take shots of Jeremiah Weed or an 18 month assignment to Korea
He's worth it!
I'm worth it!

So lets all Kumbaya to some inappropriate Dos Gringos songs and have some fun!


Tara Ashley


Jennifer said...

you remind me of my sister. She's married to a marine and does marine like stuff all the time. And is currently in a long distance marriage, which is a long story.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm glad to read your post and commend you for your commitment and dedication to supporting his goals.

I currently have a serious emotional bond with someone who is in preparation of becoming a fighter pilot. He doesn't think we will work out because of the distance and how his life will change once he officially become a FP. I totally admire his life goal and want to support him still even though it currently kills me that he doesn't think we can be together. Ah! Any advice other than just being supportive toward him?