Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Funnies....THEY ARE BACK!!

Howdy Y'all!!

No, I'm not from Texas or any southern state, but sometimes I pretend I am and talk with an accent. 
It's Fun! You should try it.

Before we get to any of the Friday Funnies I first want to send a 
to my sweet friend Dusty at Girls Love Fried Pickles!!! (Love the title)
For nominating me for the

She is a hilarious fun loving momma and I just love the silly words she comes up with...seriously cracks me up! Go check out her blog!
I will be making my five nominations next Friday so remember to check back!

On with the show

Seriously...water would get everywhere


HEHEHEHE. This reminds me of Denali!

And the sad thing is, I watched it

Typical Cat!

HAHA!! Love it

Something Shaynold would definitely say to me

I totally did this when I was a kid...but it was with our dog and yep she hated me for sure.

I hope these made y'all laugh!!
Have an awesome weekend guys!


Tara Ashley

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