Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Moving on

I've talked about moving on before...but that was also a different time in my life so obviously it can mean something totally different at any time in your life and for me this is one of those times.

It's kinda like how people say they read The Book of Mormon one year and it has great meaning to them, but then the next year they read it or a particular passage and suddenly its meaning has completely changed. 

In the last week I was reminded of this multiple times.
I've talked to a handful of folks and while many opinions have been given.
I'm still not finding the answer I need.

And then today someone posted this quote:

"If you live with 1 foot in the past, you don't have both feet in the now"

So if that is true, why do some of us hold on to the past?

 Even  simple things such as those Barbies from when you were young.
That card from your 16th Birthday.
Are we holding onto them in fear of losing our childhood memories or memories in general?


What about those past loves we keep in contact with?
Do we keep in contact with them because we haven't moved on? Or because we cherish our friendships and don't want to lose that?
Can you be friends with an ex?

I ask these questions because well, I do not know!

I've been praying for an answer and hoping that somehow I can learn to trust the past of others and even the past of my own as well.

I'm waiting to wake up one day and find the troubles of these worries have disappeared and
I'm waiting to find that my insecurities have left my thoughts.

Of course I think it's healthy to remember the good/happy memories of the past.
I'm not saying that everything in ones past is bad. Because I know we certainly learn from our past. We build friendships and sometimes there are those special relationships we have that just are what they are regardless of the present or the future.
Does holding on to them keep you from growing?
Not necessarily.

I know my past is well...just that, my past.
I am thankful for what It was at one time in my life.
Do I need it now in my present?
Do parts of it haunt me and cause doubt and troubles in my present?
I am not perfect.

But I do need to learn to let go
Because that is something i have control over


And when that is said.
That is all that needs to be said.
Walk away.
Is this all it takes to be done with the past and to leave it there?
I guess we will find out.
What are two things in your past that you are both thankful for? Or wish you could forget?
And if you have any opinions on any of the questions I have asked, please feel free to comment.

PS. There is a New posting on the {create} Therapy page! 


Tara Ashley


Whitney said...

is everything okay girlie?

Tara said...

Hey Whit...Everything is ok. Just
kinda confused about past relationships really. Meaning both mine and my boyfriends. Not sure why I'm letting the past affect the now, ya know? Needing to find a way to get over it.

Makaila said...

Wow, these are great quotes. I love them. It's crazy how a quote speaks so many ways.

Just found you via Dusty at Girls Love Fried Pickles!