Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's OK Thursday

I love Thursdays...I'ts Friday Eve, It's Gray's Anatomy Night, Work is busy so the day goes quickly.
AND of course the It's OK linky party...duh!!

It's OK
That I went to McDonald's yesterday
Now let me explain, because well for one, I don't GO to McDonald's unless I'm craving a plastic burger with a side of SALT. It just so happens that I needed to go to Wal-Mart (my favorite place, NOT) for something and low and behold a McDonald's in the Wal-Mart....tricky win genius people who thought of that idea. So first of all, I walk in and the aroma of their addicting fries hits my noes faster than you can say (insert long silly word here)...HAHA. Then I wait in an obnoxiously long line because there seems to be only two employees working. When I finally get up to order I decided on a simple cheeseburger kids meal with no pickles. 
(I'm trying to relive my youth here people, don't judge, plus they had Barbie toys.)
Once I FINALLY go my order and cup I first realize my drink is smaller then I remember. I did't think much more of it other than I no longer have kid hands and continue to my car with the goods.
This is me before opening the famous kids meal box
(Sorry the quality is bad)
I was a happy girl!!
I WAS FOOLED...Not only did I get a TINY I mean tiny fry I got 5 tasteless apple slices, a stale almost warm burger and NO TOY!!!
The ONE TIME I go to Micky D's and they disappoint beyond disappointment 
So sad.
But hey It's OK because it makes for a fun silly story.

What's OK with y'all today??


Tara Ashley


Breanna said...

haha :) I'm sorry!
I haven't been to mcdonalds in along time.
Breanna xx

Stephanie said...

I just read another blog who had the same topic, Mc Donalds new small fry!

I don't eat at Mc. Donalds, either. Unless, I'm craving their fries. And that only happens when I drank too much the night before. Boy would I be disappointed to find that itsy bitsy fry!

shirley elizabeth said...

Hi Ashley!
Now I want a Happy Meal. Except I really only go there for the best fries ever and their soft I'd probably just end up with that.

And blame them San Franciscans for crappy Happy Meals.

word verification: seriously, "rideme"

Alyssa said...

That is so disappointing!! :( Maybe next time! I can't even remember the last time I ate a McDonald's!