Thursday, October 20, 2011

10 Day Challenge: Day 4

Yep that's heard correct.
DAY 4..oh man: Four Books

Can you believe I used to be that person that hated to read. Like I never even wanted to look at a book, I hated it so much. Especially in High School in AP English when we had the most crazy teacher EVER, Ms. Kotalik. She would make us discuss every paragraph we read and break it down so that we "understood" it's meaning. BORRRRINNNNGGG! I can tell you I don't think I ever actually read a whole book in her class that year. I just did my essays and somehow managed to always get a B on them. LOL! Yeah I got mad skillz, yo!

When did I find my love for books, you ask?

Well, it was a couple years ago when my life was in shambles....everyday sucked, no doubt. So I decided that instead of sitting there feeling terrible I needed to do something with my life.
So I went to my closet and guess what I found? My books from Junior year that I never read from English class. Yep! And you know what??? They are some really great books! Who-da-thunk?! Maybe that crazy woman knew what she was doing all along. Whatevs.

And now that I am so passionate about reading I really do try to find time to read as much as I can. And since the Pilot is away I have found myself with a lot more free time then when he was here this past year. Thanks babe....still love you ;)

My friends and I have started a book club, there may only be 5 of us in it, but hey who cares!

Our first book is...

Water for Elephants

It's really a great book so far...and I can't wait until our Book Club PARTY!!
I think I'm going to be making Carmel corn balls to go along with the circus theme we are having.

The second book I'd have to choose would be...

The Book of Mormon

It's had quite an impact on my life, sometimes I'm not sure if it has been more good than bad, but I've enjoyed the discussions it has lead me to have, the council I've fallin' in love with and the experience of being baptized a "MORMON". lol I may not be a practicing "Mormon" but I do love the church very much and it will always hold a special place in my heart regardless of who I hang out with, the words I may or may not say or the things I do or may not do.

Book number three...dun dun dun...

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

I have always loved it since I was a little kid. I remember my teacher always reading it during story time. And always wanted to buy it when the book fairs came to school, and for some reason I never did. Oh well!
So someday when I have a kiddo I will make sure it's one of their first books. :o)

& The last book of the day is...


The Five Love Languages

Seriously people this book changed my life when I was going through a divorce. It pretty much saved me from curling up in a ball and thinking I was a failure at life. It changed my perspective on all relationships, not just the ones with your spouse. It basically taught me how to love again and how I want to be loved.
If you haven't read it you should and if you already it again. I don't care, just read it.

Thanks for stopping by today. I love you.


Tara Ashley

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