Monday, October 3, 2011

FlyBagz Baby!!

Happy Monday everyone!!

OK I have to share these little jems with you because I think they are beyond ADORABLE!!

I'm going to get one VERY SOON!!!

She is so talented...She makes these custom purses out of  flight suits, ABUs/BDUs or any military uniform you'd like. She even makes backpacks for the kiddos and so much more!!
Here is her website if you are interested in creating your very own or you just want to take a look around

I'd love to learn how to make them and have my very own purse business one day. :)
I just gotta learn how to sew first. SOOOOOO if you know how to, please teach me! Or tell me where I can go to learn.

And you know what the best part of these are???
 It's the fact that you get to carry around your man's flight suit everyday. AWWWW moment ;) And show off your support and AMERICAN pride too!


Tara Ashley

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