Friday, October 14, 2011

{Heart} to {Heart} Friday-Take 2


I'm currently reading 'The Help' and I was inspired to dedicate my friday post to those who don't believe they matter or that what they do isn't noticed or important.

Do not ever let anyone make you feel less important or less of a person for any reason!!!

It is important that YOU know that!

Always remember that and please never forget...

Our Families are IMPORTANT
Our Friends are IMPRTANT
Those we don't even know are IMPORTANT too!

Lets remember to cherish them and show them some love.

Your to do for the day:

Send a message/text/email....heck even write a sticky note and leave it for a co-worker, a friend, a roomie, anyone and tell them how important and awesome they are.
And don't forget to tell them to pass it on!!

Lets spread the LOVE people!!!

It just might make their day.


Tara Ashley


Kia said...

Awwww!!! How inspirational :)

(yay for a comment hahaha!)

Susan said...

You is kind.
You is important.
You is special.

{loved the book, disliked the movie}