Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Drills, fillings & Crowns....Oh My

As you can see I took Monday off from blogging...because really we should have Monday's off in the real world anyway and since this blog is a reflection of my little world I DO WHAT I WANT!
*plus I keep forgetting that special little cord thingy ma bob that uploads my fabulous pictures from my fantastical weekend with my family and my momma.

Sorry I'll show you soon.


I'm finally feeling well enough since my dentist appointment this morning. O-M-G!! It hurt so bad. I used to think a filling was bad, well it's nothing compared to a crown. They should really put people out for that stuff. Man-oh-man!

This is how I felt...since there were four hands in my mouth that felt like 10 and 4 different kinds of instruments. Can you say claustrophobic???


So as you can see I googled: DENTIST under the images tab and this is what came up

Can someone please tell me

 Why these people

look so CREAPY



(Thank goodness that's not my teeth)


I mean no normal person would be smiling as sharp pointy things are being placed in her mouth (sts)

This makes me really question:

Does anyone really enjoy going to the dentist?

 Don't get my wrong I am thankful to have almost healthy teeth once again, but there has to be another way.


Tara Ashley

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