Thursday, November 3, 2011


Ever played 20 questions?

I am currently playing 50 questions with The fun is that???
He's thrilled let me tell ya! No, but really he thinks it's, "kinda cute"...his words exactly.

I sent my sweet pilot a box full of questions to answer.
some silly / some serious / some sexy
The Rulezz: He is only allowed to pull one from the box each day and must email me the answer.
I told him he can ask me the same question in return if he chooses.

It really has been fun so far and a great way to get to know each other on other levels.
The answers have been amazing!
I'd share, but he'd kill me.

Maybe every couple should  live a year apart so that all they have to rely on is communication.
Skype helps too!

It's already NOVEMBER!!!
You're probably like....duh, Tara!
But do you know what that means????

I am running out of time to craft all my Christmas projects.

Know I understand why Hobby Lobby (which is the best place EVER btw) puts up there holiday stuff mid September.

I have a lot to do
because there are only
 43 more days
 until I'll be leaving on jet plane to


Tara Ashley

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