Friday, November 18, 2011

{Heart} to {Heart} Friday-Take 3 / Friday Funnies

On Wednesday night, (please raise your hand if you still say WED-NES-DAY when spelling that out) I happened to watch the 20/20 special with Gabby Giffard's on of course since I had missed it on Monday night.
Well, I was so touched that I knew I had to share it with you.

I literally sat on my bed crying as I watched and if you know me I don't really cry at stuff like that (not like my momma anyway ;) ) I must becoming more sensitive, GRRRREAAAT! Or more like her, Sigh! LOL

Here is a little clip of the show!
If you get a chance, you should watch the whole thing.

That is how she discribes her husband
But  BRAVE does not even begin to discribe the strength of his heart and his commitment to her
It's a real thing people.
And these two are proof of that!

He could have given up on her. He could have said my job is too important. He could have said that's not my wife.
 He pushed her. He stood by her side EVERYDAY. He prayed for her. He loved her EVERYDAY

I can only hope that their unfortunate, yet miracle story can be an example to all marriages.
I pray for a love like theirs for all of us brothers and sisters.


Now time for a little

Hope these made ya laugh!!

Have a very safe and AWESOME weekend.
I'm out!


Tara Ashley

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Tammy said...

Can't help it if I'm a baby!! I even teared up ready your blog today!! GEEZ what's wrong with me?!?! Wait...don't answer that!! Love, Momma