Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Beginnings

Have you ever just sat there waiting for you life to start? Wondering how long you'd have to wait for the "real" adventures to begin?

That's how I feel somedays with the Pilot gone
But then I am reminded

So this I must do
As painful as it is sometimes to not be able to experience this year with my best friend I know that there will be many more to be had together.
If he will have me that is.

I just need to not confuse my patience of waiting for him with waiting for my life to begin.
Because I am living it RIGHT NOW...we all are!

This is my year
To eat Oreo's & Cereal for dinner if I want
To stay up all night talking about life with girlfriends
To go out dancing with the girls as much as I want
To paint and craft till my heart is content without getting made fun of
To take up the whole bed at night when I sleep

Today I was reminded that I can't wait around for anyone to do things for me I have to go out and do it myself if it's something I really want.

And What I really want is:
To be a Nurse
To be a Wife
To be a Mom
To be the Best Friend you always wanted
To make a difference in at least one persons life

What is it that you want in life? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


Tara Ashley



holly h. said...

Love this post!!

Grace said...

i love reading ur blog!!!