Thursday, November 3, 2011

Friday Funnies

YES!! The best day of the week!! :) I wonder if Monday is ever jealous of Friday, I mean it is the most liked afterall ?

I am so excited about Friday Funnies on my blog!
All week I find these hilarious pictures and I can never wait to share them with you.
They seriously make my week.

 Yeah, I was stuck on the freeway for over an hour last week and I wish the sign had said this!

 ...then you feel obligated to keep talking to them or you chuckle and aren't sure if you should say anything at all. Yeah, happens to me all theee time.
 He's gonna be sleeping on the couch!

This is for all those Pilots out there ;)

 He knows what's up

Umm....ok??? I thought they were Korean? Did I miss that memo?


Chuck Norris. HAHAHA!!

 That's what Mormons do ;)


Seriously, I rolled on the floor....If you didn't know, I'm Shaynold's squirrel. He refers to most femals as  squirrel too... long story, but at least you know the back story as to why this is hilarious to me.


It took me a minute before I got this...BLON-DUHH!!

This is what I'd do on a test. X is right there!!
Stupid math.

Well, I hope you enjoyed those as much as I did!

Now I'm off for a fun filled weekend with Momma Face!!
Filled with mani's/pedi's, arts and crafts festival, fat kid food, FIRST EVER sewing projects and a whole lotta laugher...and maybe visiting a friend and her precious newborn.

I'm so excited. EEP!!
I'll tell you how the sewing project goes next week.
I really gotta learn. Especially if I wanna make anything half decent and cute.

What are y'all doing for the weekend?
What ever it is, have fun and be safe.


Tara Ashley

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