Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I LOVE to eat it!!
I just don't LOVE to cook it!
Ok baking is allllrighhht, I guess.

I have been seeing such fun recipes on Pinterest and I think 'oh I could make that!'
There is no doubt in my mind that I couldn't, but the mere thought of cooking
For real...I feel so bad for my future hubby..I'm working on it, honey.
But until then I will continue to enjoy restaurant food that they bring to me.
When I was in Korea I tried it for the first time...and now I'm hooked.
I have been craving it for a few weeks now, but I hate going to restaurants alone...you know the sit down ones were everyone is on a date and whenever you see a person eating alone you feel bad for them? Yep those ones, maybe that is why I always going to Chipotle. HAHA!
Anyway....I got over my fear and I ate alone in this cute little Indian place and I had the sweetest little lady who helped me pick out the best dish. Props to her...she knows what's good.

That is HEAVEN!!
 I love me some OG!
I finally was able to EAT AND ENJOY with my momma on Saturday night, I just love spending time with her 
EATING of course.

Maybe I should try making one dish a week?
I guess I'll think about it.
Until then
What is your favorite dish to cook??


Tara Ashley
P.S-There a new addition to the {Create} Therapy Page!


Jennifer said...

I think lasagna is my very favorite to cook, or something bbq'ed.

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Girl I ate a red velvet cupcake for dinner last night and that was it. It was worth it...well, last night it was.