Friday, February 10, 2012

Confidence Challenge-Goals

This whole week I have been struggling with the idea of  'my goals' so much so that it brought me to tears just thinking about all that I haven't accomplished at 25.
I'm just not where I wish I was. 
Now I realize that 25 isn't "old" but it's still old enough.
I feel as though I have been in this idle stage for a few years now, 
that I am a broken record that keeps playing over and over.
This challenge has been just that...a challenge.
This week I basically asked myself
What, Why & How
WHAT is it that I am going to do to get where I want to be?
WHY is this important to ME?
HOW am I going to get there?

Someone said to me the other day, "Life doesn't always go as planned, so that's when you plan life as it goes."

Do you ever find yourself comparing your life to those around you? As if you need to "keep up with the Jones?'" (like they care?) More often then not, I find myself saying, "so and so already has there
masters or look this person is pregnant with their second child." I absolutely loath that I do this to myself. 

This is where the GOALS come back into play and this time they are achieved!

My FIVE year plan
*Finish school with my BSN 
*Get married-be the best wife my husband ever had
*Be a MOMMY-& a great one too!
*Start my own {create}-ive business (i.e. Party Decorator)

My ONE year plan
*Be more confident with who I am on the inside and the outside
Working toward my FIVE year plan and not being idle.
Focus on TODAY'S plans for TOMORROW and the FUTURE

Today's plan-The little things that will help with my confidence as a person
*Work out 3-4 times a week 
(working on my first set of results to discuss with you the beginning of March as planned)
*Pay off the rest of my debt (besides me student loan) by the end of May
*Save at least $3000 by September or more if possible
*Organize my photos and print them out once a month
*Organize my recipes, try making at least one dish every week to become a better cook for my future family 

There you have it folks!
How did your goals turn out?
Will they help you be more confident? Or perhaps more accountable?
Something we can all remember to do
I know we can achieve anything we set our minds to.


Tara Ashley

If you participated in this weeks
Please link up and share your goals with us.
I'd love to see them.

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