Wednesday, February 8, 2012

POP goes the Cake

I successfully made CAKE POPS for the FIRST TIME
with only a minor steam burn from the double broiler

And my grandma doubted me...Take that GramCracker!

 I used Red Velvet cake mix..MMM I think its a top choice for most

 Then I mixed them with the cream cheese frosting and rolled in balls and chilled

Melted the chocolate
This is when I got my burn

After it was all melted, I dipped the stick in the chocolate and attached it to the cake 
 then I dipped them in the chocolate
 They dry really fast too since the cake is so cold
(Note: its easier to only take a couple out of the fridge at a time so they stay cold enough to dip and so the chocolate stays smooth and they don't fall apart)

 Then I HAD to try one...and IT WAS SOOOO GOOD!

See my red little finger..I have three more like that
Oh well, so worth it

I hope everyone enjoys them at the baby shower!
Hurry up and get here Saturday, before I eat all 45 of them
...or before my roommates do.

I'm Excited to decorate them all up and put them on display!

Have you tried doing anything new this week?
How's that list of goals going?


Tara Ashley


The Gibson's said...

YUM, why did I think Amy was having a girl??? I need to try these some time. Generally I just make a cake!

Tara said...

Not gonna lie..they did take me three wonderful hours haha but it was fun
regardless. I wish she was having a girl. You are more then welcome to venture to the WESTSIDE on Saturday if you want. Her shower is at 11am.