Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Regardless of your "status"
Happy Valentine's.Love.{HEART}.Day!!

My sweet Pilot sent me a bag full of "69" chocolate kisses (don't worry, its a fighter pilot thing) and with each kiss there was a reason why he was in love with me! 
Honestly, the sweetest and most thoughtful gift I've ever gotten. 
Thank you, baby!!

I wish you were here so I could snuggle with you on the couch and give you a big HUG & KISS!
Just know that no amount of distance will ever keep us apart

Remember when we were laying in bed and you said, "I think I love you" and I said, "hmm ok"
You had me so confused, but I refused to say it first.
So I waited
...& waited...
Then finally one night you finally said it and I knew it was real love, because I loved you too.


Tara Ashley

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