Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My ONE Word-2012

Today is the day of the big reveal
February First, Two Thousand and Twelve
My ONE Word

I am so excited to share My ONE Word.
 I've spent a couple weeks now thinking and praying of the perfect word that I want to live out through 2012

If you still have no idea what I'm talking about and what to join in 
visit here, it explains all about My One Word and what it means to focus all your attention on this word to become the best YOU. 

This year with The Pilot being away I have become an anxious person; that I never was before. I worry about big things, little things, things that I shouldn't even worry about. I am constantly thinking about him, and us and where we are going. I question if I am good enough for him. I panic for that one day I find myself  without him. I question where I am going and what I am doing with my life. Sadly, I've become this tense, emotional, insecure person who I dislike very much. Instead of trusting and having faith about things around me, I doubt them.
This is what I want and need to change.
So, I decided on my word for this year with extra care and thought knowing that it wouldn't be easy.
In fact, it would be a CHALLENGE

With that being said I will have
in myself,  my relationship, my family, my friends, my faith, my job, my dreams!

It's time to 
Stop Doubting
Stop Comparing
Stop Worrying
Start believing
Start trusting
Start doing

To become a confident person...that is my goal. 
I am ready to live this year and the experience this word will have on my life.
I am excited to share my progress on the blog as well.

Starting on Monday I will begin what I call the
Every Monday I will post a challenge for myself and those of you who wish to participate.
It may be simple. It may be extremely hard. Either way, I will share my week challenge with you every Friday as well as allow you to link up with your thoughts and  experience from the week.
I realize confidence isn't going to be everyone's My One Word for 2012, but I know we can all use a little confidence somewhere in out lives.

So, tell me...
What is your 'My One Word' for 2012???


Tara Ashley


Chelsea said...

You're amazing. You really are :) You named some of the big things I struggle with as well. I worry about things much more often than I should instead of having faith.

I'm so excited for you and to see your growth. I know you will accomplish awesome things this year! I'll have to start doing this challenge with you and might come up with one for my word too!! :) xoxo

Makaila said...

I really enjoyed your post. I've actually been thinking a lot about confidence lately, and rocking Me, and not being self conscious about that. I love the inspirational quotes you posted. Thank you!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

You rock my friend! Don't think or let anyone tell you different!