Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It doesn't matter your age,
 the distance you live,
or the days that pass
...and she worries, regardless. 

So call, right now. Text her. Email her.
I tell Shayne this a lot, even though he is pretty good about checking in with his parents and family.

Last night I thought it was so cute, I was sitting on the couch with my roomie and she said, "Oh I should call my mom, it's Valentine's Day, I wonder what she's doing?" So she picked up the phone and called her up in Washington and they talked as if they were sitting right next to one another, like no time had passed since they last spoke. 

And a few weeks back one of my other roommates (I have three by the way) happened to stay at her mom's house to "dog sit", mind you she is not a dog person hahaha, but she did it for her mom. And after her four day stay she came home and said, "Guess what? My mom had drumstick ice cream, marshmallows and good coffee just for me!!! " We just laughed at her and told her it was because her mom wants her to move back home.

It's amazing to me the bond that mothers and fathers can have with their children...even if we are 29! or 50!

My {heart} goes out to those that don't have that special relationship or might not have their moms or dads here or know who they are, even.

I say this because that is the situation I have when it comes to my father. I know him, he was around while I was growing up, but we don't have this type of relationship. I have tried, but it is just not there and hasn't been for many, many years.
Of course, I do remember how awesome it was setting off rocket ships in the park or riding mini bikes with 'dad' with I was younger, but those memories are both far a few between.
It is something I have come to except.
While other girls will get flowers and candy from their daddy's on Valentines Day or even a sweet message, I won't be.
When girls dream of their daddy walking them down the isle, I don't.
Some days it makes me sad, yes. But I am very much OK with this now that I am older.

 My hope is that one day when I have kids that if I have a daughter my husband will treat her like a princess and WORRY and CARE about her...forever.  Regardless of her age, the distance, or days that pass. So that she won't have to be OK with it.

I'm not saying that my father doesn't do these things, because I'm sure he does.
But when I read THIS it just confirms what I already know
That is not the father I have, unfortunately
(no pressure ;))

I have come to be OK with this because regardless of my age, my status, or the miles apart we may live I will always have my mom and she will always be my Valentine, my constant that will worry and care and text me to make sure I am 'doing OK' because I slipped and fell on Sunday afternoon. 
I honestly can't imagine my mom not being in my life and being my best friend. 
I can now look back on those tough times we had a few years ago when our relationship was being threatened by other parties and I just scoff them because YOU CAN'T and WON'T BREAK THIS!

Even when I'm old and gray and she's long gone and my children have children, she will be in my heart
 for-ever and always. 

This woman would do anything for anyone and has one of the biggest hearts I know. 
I want all the happiness in the world for her because she deserves it.

Let us NEVER FORGET TO CALL our MOMS (or dads) just to say "HI!"
But most importantly,
let us always remember those parents who might not be all that we had hoped for or are absent in our lives for whatever reason. 
Because they may just be doing THEIR best!


Tara Ashley

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Tammy said...

You made your momma cry!! But that's ok it was a happy/proud kind of cry. Thank you for your kind words darling. God gave me what I could handle and I'm thankful every day that he gave me you!! :o) I love you for ever and ever! Momma