Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Time to link up with our IT's OK's and laugh at the ridiculousness that is our life

It's OK 
That it took me over an hour to paint my toes and finger nails last night

That I'm dying to see The Vow

That I want Valentine's Day to come to see what the Pilot got for me, assuming he did get me something since he said he sent it the other day
(hoping my expectations are not too high)

To be a little down today

To really need a hug 

To want to go to Chipotle for lunch, in hopes that it will help cheer me up today

To be really excited for the best baby shower EVERRRR this weekend
(Baby Grayson you are beyond spoiled and you are not even here yet)

To want March 7th to hurry up and come so we can meet Grayson

Counting down the days to March 9th when I see my Bestie in Colorado

That I started reading Hunger Games and am now on the bandwagon of its epic awesomeness

To plan my blog posts out a week in advance. 

...And still use a paper planner daily

What's OK with you??

See ya tomorrow lovelys for my first link up sesh
Do you have those goals ready to share?
I'm very excited to share mine and feel the inspiration from all of you

Just keep swimming swimming swimming


Tara Ashley